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Electronics: semi-conductors, circuit boards, sensors, power supply, test equipment, cables, connectors, switches, hubs, routers, probes, regulators, transistors, gauges, adapters, batteries

IT/computer supply: desktop systems, notebooks, hand-helds, monitors, hard drives, memory, storage systems, adapters, routers, switches, media supply, peripherals, touch screens, mounting hardware, audio/visual supplies, cables, cable assemblies, printers, UPC systems, security systems (Representing virtually every brand of computer supplies)

Chemicals: laboratory chemicals and reagents, solvents, adhesives, silicones, maskants, penetrants, sealants, epoxies, cleaning agents, degreasers, lubricants, greases, desiccants, corrosion inhibitors, machining/metalworking fluids, metal cleaning solutions, pump fluids, coolants, automobile maintenance products and fluids, paints, cleaning solutions, polishing compounds, water treatment products, vacuum oils/supplies/equipment, absorbents, dessicants, photographic supplies/chemicals, refrigerant gases/ supplies, lubricants

Miscellaneous: fasteners, non-woven disposable products, filters, tools and tooling support, bearings, o-rings, plumbing supply; Office supply: labels, ribbons, tags, markers.

...and many others..... If there is a product out there to find, we can find it!