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About Us

Since 1994, Ameris Group has offered various defense actors worldwide its global expertise in the field of Supply Chain.

As a response to our clients numerous requests, Ameris Group is now enriching its activities with procurement outsourcing and is setting a new office in Bratislava - Ameris Slovakia.

Ameris Slovakia offers its clients the best outsourcing team of purchasing professionals, a truly collaborative and integrated mix of disciplines, to deliver an optimal service, leveraging our network of global facilities to cater for geographic requirements whilst driving both efficiency and effectiveness. Our service offering ensures cost benefits with process excellence.

Our ability to source is recognized by all our customers and has been our best visiting card since the company creation. Purchasers can end up spending 80% of time on non-strategic orders or non-valuable tasks rather than concentrating on the 20% strategic purchasing.

Like any other functions of the Supply Chain, Purchasing can be outsourced. Applying the rule of 80/20, it becomes very interesting for a company to outsource the non strategic part (or even strategic part) of its purchasing.

Sourcing at a worldwide level can be very difficult and it requires:

  1. language skills
  2. knowledge of local business uses
  3. purchasers have to work flexible hours to deal with suppliers in different time zones

We have:

  1. 18 years of experience and the best outsourcing team of purchasing professionals
  2. our network of subsidiaries
  3. our years of experience
  4. our capitalisation of know-how
  5. our proprietary databases and information systems